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Temple of the Dog
1Say Hello 2Say Hello 2 Heaven09/03/1109/03/1110.1%
2Reach DownReach Down08/03/9109/04/1150.6%
3Hunger StrikeHunger Strike10/03/9110/26/14272.8%
4Forward BackPushin' Forward Back08/03/9108/03/9117.1%
5Call Me a DogCall Me a Dog09/04/1109/04/1110.1%
6Times of TroubleTimes of TroubleNEVER00%
7Wooden JesusWooden Jesus08/07/1608/07/1610.1%
8Your SaviourYour SaviourNEVER00%
9Four-Walled WorldFour-Walled WorldNEVER00%
10All Nite ThingAll Night Thing09/04/1109/04/1110.1%

Album info

Release date: April 16th 1991