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Cover Songs
25 Minutes To Go10/22/0310/28/0330.5%
25 or 6 to 4NEVER00%
99 Problems09/02/1209/02/1210.1%
A Sort Of Homecoming11/25/1511/25/1510.1%
Across The UniverseNEVER00%
Act Of Love01/14/9510/02/04111.7%
After Hours11/24/1312/06/1370.7%
Again Today06/12/1808/08/1830.3%
Against the 70's03/22/9503/22/9510.3%
Ain't Nothing to Do11/30/9312/02/9320.7%
Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love05/15/1011/30/1330.3%
Alex ChiltonNEVER00%
All Along The Watchtower10/02/0407/17/18141.4%
All I Want Is You05/08/1605/08/1610.1%
All Right Now02/28/9202/28/9210.7%
American in Me09/24/0411/30/06111.4%
American PieNEVER00%
Androgynous MindNEVER00%
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)NEVER00%
Arms Aloft06/22/1009/04/18171.6%
Ashes to AshesNEVER00%
Atlantic City10/01/0510/01/0510.1%
Atomic DogNEVER00%
Away from WorkNEVER00%
Baba O'Riley01/17/9209/04/1816616%
Baby BelugaNEVER00%
Baby I Love Your WayNEVER00%
Baby Please Don't GoNEVER00%
Bad Mouth12/11/9106/25/9221%
Be Like WindNEVER00%
Beast of Burden07/14/9311/19/9720.5%
Beautiful WayNEVER00%
Beds Are BurningNEVER00%
Beginning to See The LightNEVER00%
Behind Blue EyesNEVER00%
Believe You Me07/11/1407/11/1410.1%
Better Be Home Soon11/29/0911/29/0910.1%
Better Things06/26/1207/07/1220.2%
Big Green CountryNEVER00%
Big Mouth Strikes AgainNEVER00%
Black Diamond08/02/0706/26/1840.4%
Bleed For Me09/28/0412/03/0581.2%
Blitzkrieg Bop12/15/9108/21/0920.2%
Blue Red and Grey04/12/0307/01/0340.6%
Brain DamageNEVER00%
Brass in Pocket06/18/9206/18/9210.5%
Bring It On HomeNEVER00%
Bull in The HeatherNEVER00%
Can't Change Me10/28/0310/28/0310.2%
Can't Help Falling In Love08/15/0010/22/0020.4%
Candle in The WindNEVER00%
Catholic BoyNEVER00%
Children of the GraveNEVER00%
Chloe Dancer09/11/1105/01/16151.5%
Cinnamon GirlNEVER00%
Come as You AreNEVER00%
Come Back to MeNEVER00%
Comfortably Numb11/11/1508/08/18222.1%
Cortez The Killer10/02/0410/02/0410.2%
Cowboy SongNEVER00%
Crazy Mary09/06/9309/04/1816115.5%
Crazy TrainNEVER00%
Crown Of Thorns10/22/0008/10/18323.1%
Cut My HairNEVER00%
Dance It AwayNEVER00%
Dance the Night AwayNEVER00%
Dancing Barefoot10/23/1010/23/1010.1%
Dangerous BusinessNEVER00%
Daytime Dilemma10/28/0310/28/0310.2%
Dazed and ConfusedNEVER00%
Dead Flowers05/06/1005/06/1010.1%
Detroit Rock CityNEVER00%
Dig Me OutNEVER00%
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap05/13/9305/13/9310.4%
Dirty Water09/04/1809/04/1810.1%
Do You Feel LuckyNEVER00%
Dock of The Bay03/26/9403/26/9410.3%
Dolly DaggerNEVER00%
Don't Be Shy10/25/0005/30/0681.1%
Don't Dream it's OverNEVER00%
Don't Drive Me04/01/0304/16/0330.5%
Don't Go BP Amoco08/05/0708/05/0710.1%
Don't Let Me DownNEVER00%
Don't Let The Sun Catch You CryingNEVER00%
Don't Lose Your HeadNEVER00%
Don't Take Your Guns To TownNEVER00%
Draw the Line08/05/1608/07/1620.2%
Dream Baby Dream07/17/1607/17/1610.1%
Driven To Tears06/25/9205/02/16131.3%
Dueling Banjos09/03/9809/03/9810.2%
Eleanor RigbyNEVER00%
Empire Carpet song03/10/9403/10/9410.3%
Ev'rybody's Gonna Be HappyNEVER00%
Every Breath You TakeNEVER00%
Everyday People07/11/9507/11/9510.3%
Fallen AngelNEVER00%
Fly By Night05/12/1605/12/1610.1%
Fool In The Rain10/05/0510/05/0510.1%
Forever in Blue Jeans07/08/9507/08/9510.3%
Forever Young05/24/0605/24/0610.1%
Fortunate Son02/23/0309/30/12212.3%
Free Jazz02/09/0305/02/0330.5%
Fuck tha PoliceNEVER00%
Fuckin' Up06/16/9307/03/18716.9%
Funk #4909/20/9209/20/9210.4%
Funky Crime11/15/9111/21/9122.2%
Gimme ShelterNEVER00%
Gimme Some Truth10/20/0109/26/06162.1%
Girl's EyesNEVER00%
Girls Just Want To Have Fun05/13/9305/13/9310.4%
Give Peace A Chance02/16/0302/16/0310.2%
Go Away Little GirlNEVER00%
Goin' Back To Indiana05/07/1005/07/1010.1%
Going To California10/05/0510/05/0510.1%
Golden State09/26/0909/26/0910.1%
Golden YearsNEVER00%
Good Woman04/09/1604/09/1610.1%
Growin' Up07/14/0310/01/0420.3%
Had A DadNEVER00%
Happiness is a Warm GunNEVER00%
Happy Birthday04/04/9207/17/18383.7%
Happy Trails04/11/9404/11/9410.3%
Hard Times Are OverNEVER00%
Harvest Moon10/02/0407/01/0891.1%
Hate the PoliceNEVER00%
Hawaii '7812/02/0612/09/0620.3%
Heaven and HellNEVER00%
Hell No We Won't GoNEVER00%
Help Me RhondaNEVER00%
Here's to The State of MississippiNEVER00%
Hey Hey My MyNEVER00%
Highway to HellNEVER00%
History Never Repeats03/24/9503/25/9520.6%
Hold OnNEVER00%
I Am A Patriot11/01/9209/02/18292.8%
I Believe In Miracles06/06/0307/07/18676.5%
I Can't Explain11/07/9505/19/0620.3%
I Got You03/08/9511/29/09111.3%
I Hope I NeverNEVER00%
I Just Want To Have Something To DoNEVER00%
I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts07/10/0607/12/0620.3%
I Remember You09/15/1109/15/1110.1%
I Used to Work In Chicago08/02/0708/02/0710.1%
I Wanna Be Your BoyfriendNEVER00%
I Wanna Be Your DogNEVER00%
I Wanna LiveNEVER00%
I Want To Hold Your HandNEVER00%
I Want You So Hard (Boys Bad News)11/20/1511/28/1530.3%
I Want You To Want MeNEVER00%
I Will FollowNEVER00%
I Won't Back Down03/09/9409/02/18151.4%
I'm a BoyNEVER00%
I'm One03/15/9403/15/9410.3%
I'm the Answer07/11/1407/11/1410.1%
I'm The OceanNEVER00%
I'm Waiting for the Man10/27/1310/27/1310.1%
I've Been TiredNEVER00%
I've Got a Feeling09/28/9108/08/18353.4%
I've Just Seen A Face06/20/9506/20/9510.3%
If I Can't Have You08/25/9208/25/9210.4%
If You Want Blood (You've Got It)11/25/0911/25/0910.1%
Improv (Where'd You Go)NEVER00%
In The Colosseum06/20/0006/20/0010.2%
In The MoodNEVER00%
Instant KarmaNEVER00%
Interstellar OverdriveNEVER00%
Iron Man11/06/0008/27/0620.3%
Is There Anybody Out There?NEVER00%
It Ain't Like ThatNEVER00%
It Happened Today09/21/1109/21/1110.1%
It Makes No Difference09/20/0609/20/0610.1%
It's OkNEVER00%
Jazz Odyssey11/30/9310/07/0940.5%
Jersey Girl05/18/1005/18/1010.1%
Jingle BellsNEVER00%
Jools and Jim04/03/0304/03/0310.2%
Jumpin Jack Flash03/04/0303/04/0310.2%
Keep It in MotionNEVER00%
Kick Out The Jams10/03/0408/10/18282.7%
Know Your Rights02/20/0308/18/18232.2%
La Bamba07/19/0307/19/0310.2%
Las Mananitas07/19/0311/28/1520.2%
Let It Go06/26/1406/26/1410.1%
Let My Love Open The Door02/05/9507/11/9561.6%
Like A Stone10/28/0310/28/0310.2%
Lion's Share09/29/0409/29/0410.2%
Little Sister10/03/0507/06/0630.4%
Little Wing03/03/9504/11/1680.8%
Live For TodayNEVER00%
London CallingNEVER00%
Love is Stronger than WitchcraftNEVER00%
Love Me Two TimesNEVER00%
Love Reign O'er Me06/26/0708/07/16252.5%
Love Will Tear Us ApartNEVER00%
Machine GunNEVER00%
Maggot BrainNEVER00%
Magic Bus03/20/9803/20/9810.2%
Masters Of War10/16/9208/20/16181.8%
Modern GirlNEVER00%
Money (That's What I Want)10/05/0510/05/0510.1%
Monkey Gone to HeavenNEVER00%
More Than a FeelingNEVER00%
More Than ThisNEVER00%
Mountain Song10/04/0903/24/1820.2%
My City Was GoneNEVER00%
My FriendNEVER00%
My Generation02/22/9204/06/9451.6%
My Heart Will Go OnNEVER00%
My Mama Told Me05/15/9205/15/9210.6%
My Own Two HandsNEVER00%
My Sharona09/16/0609/16/0610.1%
My Way11/30/9311/30/9310.3%
Naked Eye09/05/0009/05/0010.2%
Nebraska Used CarsNEVER00%
New song (untitled)NEVER00%
No CompassionNEVER00%
No More PainNEVER00%
No Surrender09/30/0506/03/0620.3%
No Woman, No Cry11/21/0611/21/0610.1%
Nobody's Fault but MineNEVER00%
Noise of CarpetNEVER00%
Not Given Lightly11/27/0911/27/0910.1%
O Sole Mio06/20/0006/20/0010.2%
Old Address of The UnknownNEVER00%
Old ManNEVER00%
Old McDonald Parody (Old Dick Cheney)10/26/0310/26/0310.2%
On A RopeNEVER00%
One Note04/09/0307/11/0320.3%
Open All Night10/09/1410/09/1410.1%
Over The Hills And Far Away04/29/1604/29/1610.1%
Owner of a Lonely Heart05/17/9208/12/9320.8%
Paint It BlackNEVER00%
Peace and LoveNEVER00%
People Have The Power04/29/0305/02/0320.3%
Philadelphia Freedom08/28/9808/28/9810.2%
Picture In A Frame09/17/0604/28/1650.5%
Public Image06/30/1007/03/1490.9%
Pulled UpNEVER00%
Purple Rain04/21/1604/21/1610.1%
Rains On Me06/11/0806/11/0810.1%
Ray of LightNEVER00%
Rebel Rebel08/18/1808/18/1810.1%
Red RainNEVER00%
Redemption Song06/26/9211/17/1540.4%
Roadhouse Blues11/07/9611/07/9610.3%
Rockin' In The Free World03/09/9209/02/1831130%
Ruby TuesdayNEVER00%
Running Back To Saskatoon09/07/0509/19/1130.3%
Sail Away10/27/9310/27/9310.4%
Save it for LaterNEVER00%
Saying No11/06/9103/02/9232.2%
School's Out05/17/9205/17/9210.5%
Search and Destroy08/21/0908/10/1860.6%
Seven Nation ArmyNEVER00%
Sheraton Gibson03/22/9403/22/9410.3%
Should I Stay or Should I Go 06/06/0306/06/0310.2%
Shower The PeopleNEVER00%
Sick as a DogNEVER00%
Sick o' Pussies10/30/9307/11/9530.8%
Smells Like Teen Spirit09/28/9112/31/9187.1%
So LonelyNEVER00%
So WhatNEVER00%
So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star11/04/9505/01/1080.9%
Soldier Of Love08/18/9804/09/16222.2%
Someday At ChristmasNEVER00%
Song XNEVER00%
Sonic Reducer09/08/9208/10/18838%
Sort of HomecomingNEVER00%
Stairway to HeavenNEVER00%
Star Boy07/09/9507/09/9510.3%
Star-Spangled Banner10/03/0910/03/0910.1%
Stardog Champion09/03/1109/03/1110.1%
Start Me UpNEVER00%
Steppin' StoneNEVER00%
Sto Lat06/16/0006/16/0010.2%
Stop Your SobbingNEVER00%
Straight to Hell03/06/9203/06/9210.7%
Street Fighting Man03/07/9403/25/9420.6%
Stuff and NonsenseNEVER00%
Suck You DryNEVER00%
Sugar Mountain08/21/0908/21/0910.1%
Summertime RollsNEVER00%
Suspicious MindsNEVER00%
Swallow My Pride11/30/9311/30/9310.3%
Sweet Emotion04/10/9404/10/9410.3%
Sweet Home Alabama08/28/9808/28/9810.2%
Sweet JaneNEVER00%
Sympathy for The Devil05/15/9204/07/1730.3%
Taillights Fade09/02/1809/04/1820.2%
Take Control08/25/9208/25/9210.4%
Take Me11/20/9311/20/9310.3%
Takin It to the Streets05/01/1605/01/1610.1%
Talk About The Passion09/16/9509/16/9510.3%
Thank You10/05/0510/05/0510.1%
That's All Right05/06/1005/06/1010.1%
The Boys Are Back In Town08/23/0608/23/0610.1%
The Kids Are Alright08/19/9310/26/14202.1%
The KKK Took My Baby Away07/14/9807/14/9810.2%
The Needle and The Damage Done03/10/9505/05/1660.6%
The New World09/24/0411/26/13111.2%
The Number of the Beast07/08/0307/08/0310.2%
The Real Me07/12/0805/10/16252.5%
The Seeker09/24/0410/05/0430.5%
The Ship Song06/20/9506/20/9510.3%
The Whole of the MoonNEVER00%
The Wrong ChildNEVER00%
Third Stone from the SunNEVER00%
This Boy11/07/9511/07/9510.3%
Three Little Birds06/17/9203/20/9420.6%
Throw Your Arms Around Me06/25/9208/22/16343.4%
Throw Your Hatred Down10/21/0608/20/18121.2%
Time BombNEVER00%
Time Has Come Today08/22/1608/22/1610.1%
Time HealsNEVER00%
Timeless Melody05/29/0010/08/04101.5%
To Is a Preposition; Come Is a VerbNEVER00%
Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World09/23/0609/23/0610.1%
Tonight's The NightNEVER00%
Touch of GreyNEVER00%
Truth Be KnownNEVER00%
Turn It On AgainNEVER00%
Voodoo ChildNEVER00%
Waiting on a Friend06/23/0610/01/1440.4%
Waiting Room12/31/9112/31/9110.9%
Walk on the Wild SideNEVER00%
Walk With Me10/23/1010/24/1020.2%
Walking The Cow10/01/9410/03/0930.4%
War PigsNEVER00%
We Belong TogetherNEVER00%
We Want Control of Our BodiesNEVER00%
We're Going to Be Friends08/08/1808/20/1820.2%
What Happened YesterdayNEVER00%
What's The UseNEVER00%
When The Saints Come Marching In06/17/9206/17/9210.5%
Where Do The Children Play03/12/9203/12/9210.7%
Where Is My MindNEVER00%
Whip It10/31/0910/31/0910.1%
White GirlNEVER00%
Why Can't I Touch It?06/28/0306/20/1220.2%
Wild ThingNEVER00%
Window Paine11/12/9103/28/9274.7%
Wishing WellNEVER00%
With My Own Two Hands06/02/0306/02/0310.2%
With or Without YouNEVER00%
Yeast Power09/01/9809/01/9810.2%
You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory08/21/0908/21/0910.1%
You Know My NameNEVER00%
You Tell Me05/15/9205/15/9210.6%
You're True12/02/0612/02/0610.1%
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away02/11/0305/02/16383.8%
Young Man Blues11/17/9611/17/9610.2%
Ziggy Stardust10/20/0010/20/0010.2%

Album info

Release date: November 30th -0001