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April 12, 2000

Ed Sullivan TheaterNew York, NY

SongLastSinceTour AllRarityNotes
1GrievanceLIVE DEBUT1 / 3, TD1 / 1450

Album breakdown

Ed Sullivan Theater2015-09-23
Ed Sullivan Theater2006-05-04
Ed Sullivan Theater2004-09-30
Ed Sullivan Theater2002-11-15
Ed Sullivan Theater2002-11-14
Ed Sullivan Theater2000-04-12
Ed Sullivan Theater1998-05-01
Ed Sullivan Theater1996-09-20
Encore 1
Encore 2
Encore 3

Show statistics

Song count: 1
Intros: 0
Tags: 0
Teases: 0
Live debuts: 1
Tour debuts: 1

Misc 2000

Show 1 of 3 this tour
Tour rarity: 0.0
Show tour rank: 1 / 3
All-time rarity: 0.0

Show notes

Late Show with David Letterman